Engine Stand 2000lbs Fix Type Car Service Enjin


✅ Engine Stand is just right for garage use.

✅ This engine stand is used to mount an automotive type of engine when removed from a vehicle.

✅ This device is designed to provide access to the engine for servicing and/or rebuilding.

✅ The stand incorporates a locking, rotating mounting plate so that the user can turn the engine for ease of access.

✅ The stand also incorporates wheels and casters to allow mobility across a smooth, flat surface.

✅ The wheels construction for more stability and easy rolling.

✅ Adjustable mounting arms, accommodate a majority of engine blocks, both foreign and domestic.

✅ Mounting plate rotates 360 degree and can be locked in 8 different positions.

✅ Heavy gauge tubular steel construction.

✅ Roll-around engine stand assembles easily.




– Material: Carbon Steel

– Color: Red + Black

– Capacity: 2000lbs

– Overall Weight 37kg


What’s in the box:


– 1 x Engine Stand

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Additional information

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 112 × 70 × 92 cm


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