3 Ton Floor Jack Heavy Duty 75mm 500mm 33kg


Low Profile Hydraulic Jack is a professional quality jack used for easy and smooth jacking of vehicle. It is manufactured with fine welding and strong metal structures. It has double cylinder pump provides a fast and easy jacking. The jacking plate has a quality rubber plate to protect the vehicle being scratch by the jack metal structure.


*Extreme low profile at 75mm elevation.

*Range of Jack : 75 ~ 500mm

*Rated Tonnage : 3 Tons.

*Testing Load : 3.60 Tons Safe.

*Weight : 33 Kg.

*Rapid Dual Pump Quick Rise System.

*Built in Pressure relief valve to protect the jack from overload.

*Built in Smooth Pressure Release for Safe Lowering of Load.

*Strong Chassis and Pump Built with 33Kg of High Quality Steel.

*Easy to Drag and Pull with Quality Smooth Rollers abd Bearings.

*Twist Clockwise for Locking before Jacking and it will auto lowering by untwisting it Anti-clockwise.

*High Quality Paint & Coating.

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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 78 × 19 × 39 cm


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