Roller Fender Reforming Extending Tool Wheel Arch


✅ Made of Steel
✅ Roller works on for fender from inside wheel well
✅ Fit most cars and light trucks with 4 or 5 lugs
✅ Attached hitch pin allows for wide wheel well
✅ Simply Bolts Directly To The Hub Flange
✅ Pressure Adjustment For Easing Out
✅ Use for fender collision repair, for fender flaring, or to increase for fender clearance
✅ Full adjustable arm fit in different space between the wheel hub and inner for fender lip
✅ Protect your vehicle from damage when upgrading a larger tire, or installing for fender flares
✅ This is a simple device but we strongly recommend that a qualified body shop technician or a professional carry out the work.
✅ Too much adjustment will cause damage to the cars paintwork and may result in an expensive repair.

Color: Blue
Max. Length: 640mm
Min. Length: 500mm
Adjustable Length: 140mm
Package Size: 400*270*150mm
Package Weight:8kg

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 27 × 15 cm

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