This led to the racial stratification of society, with appearance-based terms such as mulatto, terceroes, and quadroon defining individuals. English women were seen as “refined and virtuous”, a panacea for the colony’s social ills. This project is unique in that it addresses climate change adaptation through a gender-sensitive lens. The rice sector is of major importance to small farmers, with a large number of producers operating on farms of less than 4.5 hectares, making them particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Technologies to support resilience and climate change adaptation among smallholder farmers would be beneficial in sustainably increasing productivity and empowering women. Experiences with climate change are drastically different from those of their male counterparts. In 2018, Guyana ranked 123rd out of 189 countries on the Gender Inequality Index, confirming that there is indeed a “gender gap” between men and women.

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  • There are many cafes, nightclubs, parks, and other opportunities to relax and entertain yourself in Georgetown.
  • They will need to be circumspect with Guyanese colleagues and community members about their sexual orientation.
  • Thinking gives the individual/group time to reflect, to make sense of what is happening and to engage in dialogue with others in the group if they so desire.
  • Distinguishing features tended to relate to it being community based and driven, its sole purpose being to generate knowledge or understanding that leads to reform and brings about change (Baum et al., 2006; Reason and Bradbury, 2006; De Chesnay, 2014).
  • The discovery adds to the previously announced estimated recoverable resource of approximately 5.5 billion oil-equivalent barrels on the Stabroek Block.
  • The women’s storytelling interviews and data gathered in the focus groups suggested that the “home” or traditional food they ate after migrating helped retain their cultural identity.

Shortly afterwards, Jagan and her husband formed the People’s Progressive Party. Early studies of gender in the Caribbean defined households in terms of the “Euro-American nuclear family”, and the assumption of female domesticity disregarded women’s roles outside the family. Herein lies an opportunity for Guyana to grow its rice supply— but in order to meet the increasing global demand for rice, it is imperative that climate change vulnerabilities and gender inequalities are simultaneously addressed. Both those with Guyanese and Indian heritage are steeped in British and Hindu culture.

The gendered division of labour in the agricultural sector means that female farmers’ experiences with climate change are drastically different from those of their male counterparts. There are significant differences in the experiences of female vs. male-headed households, females in male-headed households and across single parent households . But the economic promise of rice to the population of Guyana is neither gender-blind nor environmentally neutral. Guyana’s high vulnerability to climate change, particularly in its coastal areas, coupled with limited opportunities for women in agriculture, create uncertainty, instability and inefficiency in a number of areas.

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If rectified, these can fuel a more economically and environmentally resilient future for the Guyanese rice industry. On reflection, an intersectionality framework would have enhanced the body of the PAR study. Integrating intersectionality with PAR in a disadvantaged community would have enabled a fuller understanding of health disparities . I am fully conversant with the strengths of using PAR to restore to ordinary people the capacities of self-reliance and the ability to manage their own lives—to “sharpen their minds.’ It aims to solve real problems within marginalized communities . The primary issues are about creating change, encouraging reflexivity, and influencing policy decisions. The women had identified in the study the kind of diabetic service that was preferable, one that was consultative with a holistic approach to the care and treatment. If intersectionality had been integrated in the study the women’s suggestion would have been shared more widely with the community to activate change in local diabetic services for minority groups.

Being from mauritius, i found your summary and various analyses do a good job of balance and equipoise between the africans and the indians.thanks and feel free to email for discussion. Most festivals are based on Christian, Hindu, and Islamic beliefs, so there are few truly secular holidays or events. However, “Mashramani” is celebrated to mark the country’s Republic Day on 23 February, and the anniversary of the Berbice Slave Rebellion of 1763 is also noted. Death requires the public articulation more on guyanese women at of grief; the “wake” or vigil, facilitates communal support for the bereaved, who reciprocate by providing a feast for the community.

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They realized the food they ate was not appropriate for an individual who had diabetes. Access to services for diagnosis and treatment of their long term condition was another important finding that impacted on their lives. However, using the intersectionality framework would have represented a different approach in understanding the complexities of health inequities. The framework would have provided awareness of how specific categories such as socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, or a migration background should not be analyzed separately but as interacting factors . The analysis of the data consisted of the “looking,” “thinking,” and “acting” process as information gathering . The looking phase occurs as the participants shared the resources and information about diabetes during this process.

They had lived with diabetes for several years prior to the focus groups and reported that the exchange of information was useful and thought provoking. The women’s storytelling interviews and data gathered in the focus groups suggested that the “home” or traditional food they ate after migrating helped retain their cultural identity. When they developed Type 2 diabetes such food was considered unhealthy but in the groups, the women reconsidered lifestyle changes such as exercise and healthy eating more important. Vera told the group she was still enraged by her treatment where she was passed from one specialist to another. However, the potential of intersectionality has now heightened my awareness of how the institutional systems of health care use its structures to advance health inequity in marginalized groups.

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One of Guyana’s most interesting wedding traditions is a party called Sangeet. Wedding music is played there, and the family gathers to sing, dance, and celebrate the future couple. What kind of man do you have to be to win the heart of beauty from Guyana? Women in this country prefer to see brave, determined, strong-willed men who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and their spouses.

Hindus believe in reincarnation, and Africans believe that the spirit of the dead must be placated and assisted. African, Amerindian, and Indian traditional cultures have sustained folk practices that have penetrated Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. Obeah has its roots in African folk religion but influences Indians as well, and Indian spirit possession has affected rural African religious sensibility.