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  • Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Travel

    nisa April 27, 2023

    5 benefits of live chat over chatbots but is it really better? Hospitality business will need to evaluate if adopting AI-powered solutions would be a genuine benefit to their business strategy in terms of value to their business, corporate image and value to their guests. Virtual assistants have the potential to change the way consumers […]

  • Expanding the Use of AI in Healthcare Services

    nisa January 31, 2023

    LifeLink The Role of AI-Powered COVID-19 Chatbots In Healthcare Intent-based textual and aural techniques must be used to humanize these Chatbots to provide a personal touch and sustain connectedness with the questioner. In addition, the trust issues of patients often don’t allow devices to deal with their health concerns properly. It won’t be easy to […]


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