Warning Safety Triangle Foldable


Car Vehicle Safety Reflective Triangle Warning Sign Foldable Emergency Breakdown Hazard Sign Safety Warning

Product Description:
✅ High quality product material.
✅ Folding design, high-quality reflective materials, strong light refraction effect, greatly improving the warning effect.
✅ Reflective design, it is absolutely eye-catching and easy to use, ensuring your safety.
✅ Stand the sign 30-100 meters behind the car in the evening or in the fog. When there is a car coming in the rear, the light is shining on the sign, and the sign will emit an orange glare to show a warning to prevent collision.
✅ Easy to assemble when required at the roadside, no tools needed.
✅ It can be used as emergency road flasher that striking will get drivers attention and improve the visibility of your car when roadside repairs, parked vehicles, construction sites, directing traffic, etc.
✅ Save space and must need in everyone car and safety.

Product Specifications:
✅ Material: ABS Plastic
✅ Product Dimension: 39 x 3 x 41.5cm
✅ Shape : Triangle
✅ Weight : 0.3 kg

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 39 × 3 cm

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