Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Jack



With proper and regular maintenance, this hydraulic jack can be used for a long time without leaking. Rotate screw up when height is not enough. It’s ideal for automotive, Industrial, agricultural, marine recreation and Construction applications where Lifting, Pushing, Spreading, Bending, pressing or straightening is required.. It is perfect for cars, trucks, caravans and tractors. Use it uprightly, not edge-on or upside down.

Min Height : 14.8cm
Max Height : 28.8cm
For Compact Car, Sedan , Hatchback

Min Height : 18cm
Max Height : 36cm
For Compact Car , Sedan , Hatchback , MPV , 4×4


– Whole body casting with thickened steel plate, durable for long time use.
– Release oil return valve for auto descend; operation is simple, convenient and quick.
– 2 parts handle for easy storage, long handle make lifting easy and saves your labor.
– Skid resistance top with cross grooves, enlarged base ensures stability and safety .
– Ideal for use with automotive, construction, industrial and agricultural applications.

Oiling Maintenance:

1. Put jack in vertical state.
2. Lower the pump and piston, until it is completely loose.
3. Remove the rubber oil plug.
4. Pour into high quality hydraulic oil.
5. Mount rubber oil plug.

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