3 MODES USB Rechargeable LED COB Torch Light



* High Lumen, its light distance is far beyond your imagination.


* XP LED Chip Germany Technology It lasts up to 70,000 hours.The performance of the high-power high lumen LED has been improved comprehensively,which can meet your lighting demands.


* Wide Side Floodilight The COB large panel on the side emits floodlight which is not dazzling.


* Waterproof & Lightningproof, Full sealed body and Insulation ABS plastic material.


* Constant Current Battery Life &High Lumen Light Tesla Level Constant Current Lithium Battery The high-quality lithium battery for Tesla electric sports cars has higher energy density and excellent stability, which ensures the constant current cycle battery life and achieves long lasting light.


* Fast Charging The USB charging method is more efficient and faster.


* Power Display Know the rest power at a glance, 4-level real-time power display makes you know the battery life anytime and has the charging indication.


* Multi-Section Heat Dissination The heat is dissipated fully and fast, which protects the inner circuit configuration and extends its service life.


* ABS Flashlight Body Made. of hard and durable material, the flashlight is crush-resistant and fall-resistant; so it’ s not afraid of falling from height.


* Light For You Anytime And Anywhere It can help you deal with various environments.



Duration: 90 hours

Water Resistance: Life Waterproof

Light Color: White

Charging: USB fast charging

Lens: High transmittance glass Mode: Strong-Low-Strobe-Side

Battery: Tesla level constant current lithium battery

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

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