A whopping 59″ long, yet a narrow 8.5″ wide, this board gives you the most space possible for boardwalking. Due to its narrow width, you will easily maintain optimum leverage on your rails for smooth and effortless carves. Keep that surfboard feel with the flat extended kicks and classic pinstriped lbl komodo paint job. Starting from the Komodo design, we took a slightly shorter version and made it symmetrical and with kicks! The Komodo TT. The kicks are perfectly designed to catch and scoop in manuals and maneuvering. A little faster flex and turn in this version with a shorter wheelbase.

lbl komodo

I just am not sure if the komodo original is better for dancing. Dancing being the reason I’m getting one or the other. I already have orangatang Stimulus 86a wheels on the way, but Im deciding on the deck. Another option is the AMWood 1/2Dance but https://cryptolisting.org/ I’m leaning more towards LBL. Anyone have one of these boards, a better dance reccomendation or a decision between the two please help me out. The Old School Dancer is one of a kind, inspired by Adam Colton, this is the Dancer to kill all dancers!

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